The Top Snap Team

Top Snap Head Office

  • Ralf Barschow
    Ralf Barschow Owner & CEO

    Visionary, engaging, entrepreneurial and passionate about people and business excellence.

  • Karin Barschow
    Karin Barschow Co-owner & COO

    The money bank! Investing in the future of Top Snap.

  • Josh Wong
    Josh Wong Production Manager

    Visual production expert, quality control and franchisee daily support.

  • Alex Mamayev
    Alex Mamayev Production Assistant

    Checks every single image that leaves the system. That’s a lot!

  • Carla Martin
    Carla Martin Professional Photographer and Trainer

    Maximising your property’s full retail potential.

  • Bobbie Cole
    Bobbie Cole Marketing and Franchise Support

    Loves a challenge – try me!

  • Tim Bekpayev
    Tim Bekpayev Marketing Manager

    Responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns.

  • Sophie Vella
    Sophie Vella Admin Assistant

    All-rounder with loads of verve

Top Snap Campus

  • Wayne Berry
    Wayne Berry Top Gun Business Academy

    Best known as Australasia’s Top Gun Sales Guru and Coach.

  • Kate Groom
    Kate Groom Smart Franchise

    Kate helps business owners develop their leadership capability, and identify and apply business improvement strategies.

  • Peter Knight
    Peter Knight Smart Franchise

    Peter has an extensive track record of establishing and building strong profitable businesses.

  • Serena Pearce
    Serena Pearce Code Lime Photography

    Owns a boutique photography business and specialises in architectural and real estate photography.

  • Andrew Thomasson
    Andrew Thomasson Focus 10

    Professional photographer for over 25 years running special courses in real estate architecture photography.

Top Snap Franchise Owners

Top Snap Photographers

  • Carla Martin
    Carla Martin Sydney Northern Beaches
  • Phil Cooper
    Phil Cooper Sydney Eastern Suburbs
  • Roger Dilernia
    Roger Dilernia Sydney Sutherland Shire
  • Andy Yee
    Andy Yee Sydney South West & Bankstown
  • Barnaby Chambers
    Barnaby Chambers Sydney West
  • Phil Savory
    Phil Savory Brisbane CBD
  • Ulrich Schade
    Ulrich Schade Adelaide
  • Eric Sands
    Eric Sands Adelaide
  • Melinda Petie
    Melinda Petie Gold Coast
  • Warrick Fraser
    Warrick Fraser South Brisbane
  • Tamaryn Goodyear
    Tamaryn Goodyear Brisbane North
  • Mazen Kasamani
    Mazen Kasamani Central Coast NSW
  • Bradley Patrick
    Bradley Patrick Central Coast NSW

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