Why 3D Floor Plans Are Better Than Standard Floor Plans

Don’t assume you are crazy for not understanding a 2D floor plan drawing.

If you recently started looking for your next home, more than likely you will need to interpret and understand a floor plan drawing. While for many design professionals it is second nature, for the rest of us the symbols and nomenclature can be difficult to understand.

Why alienate prospective buyers with a difficult to read marketing piece?

A 3D floor plan is a virtual model of the property depicted from a bird’s eye view. They are developed utilising advanced CAD and 3D rendering software, the same type of software used to create major animated motion pictures. Humans ensure the finished model correctly depicts the internal and external features of the home, important room dimensions and a north-facing compass are included and a single tonal finish is applied to simplify the visual representation of the property. We can also include a site plan as a standard feature.

A 3D floor plan is far more visual than a 2D floor plan and is therefore much easier to understand and learn. The virtual model removes architectural symbols for walls, windows and doors, and clearly shows internal features like wardrobes and cupboards. With the interactive controls, kinesthetic learners are able to interact with the floor plan by zooming into a room or rotating the model to view from a different angle.

A 3D floor plan can be easily shared via SMS or email, included in the property listing on the agency website or featured in online listings. Agents can showcase a 3D floor plan at the open for inspection using an iPad or laptop, so that prospective buyers can see the floor plan and know they have something to take away that visually conveys the property’s key selling features simply.

But most importantly, a 3D floor plan is a very engaging marketing tool that will get prospective buyers spending more time looking at your property, helping turn hopes and desires into dreams of owning your property.

Author – Vernon Williams – Sales Director, Snaploader

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