Ad-Copy Tips That SELL!

Great ad copy can not only boost click-through rates, but ultimately help generate more leads and increase sales.

Your ad copy should be short and simple, avoid overused buzzwords and follow an easy to understand structure:

Grab attention
The headline is the first element a potential buyer reads. Use power words to highlight the best features with descriptive one-liners, this will not only grab their attention but will also make your ad much more memorable.

Sell the story
People buy benefits, not features. So ask yourself, what’s in it for them?

Focus on the benefits that the potential buyer would enjoy and evoke an emotional connection. For example:

Instead of listing “large 10×10 outdoor patio” pull the reader in with a sentence that is an extension of your storytelling, like: “Entertainers dream with an enviable outdoor dining and living area, with enough room for all the family to come together and enjoy”

Call to action
Conclude with a call to action that tells your readers how to act. Convey a sense of urgency and remind the readers of the possibility that this could be the last chance they’ll have to buy this property.

Do you have any great copywriting tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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