Bulletproof Real Estate Marketing Techniques

It pays to have strong strategies in place well before your listing hits the market but no two properties are the same; factoring in a vendor’s budget, the current state of the local market and the home’s location and features, so what are the guaranteed techniques that won’t let you down?

Invest in Yourself
It’s no secret that anything you invest in yourself will pay off. Sending relevant marketing pieces to keep your audience up to date, whether it be ads, flyers, business cards or email campaigns.

Developed for agents to help sell their services to vendors, we recommend providing vendors with the Top Snap Style Guide. Co-branded with your custom prices, packages and branding FREE of charge, all you have to do is ask – get in touch today.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of marketing in a sales campaign, after all, you’re not only selling a house but you’re selling a lifestyle.

A real estate marketing campaign typically includes professional photography, internet marketing, printed materials and staging a home to show off its potential. With the right marketing, it may mean one extra potential buyer which could increase the sale price.

Property Presentation
When it comes to preparing the home for the market it’s all about creating a blank canvas. Ensure you let the room shine in its intended use, every area should create an opportunity for the buyers to imagine their lives there.

There’s no blank canvas without a decluttered home, at Top Snap we can digitally remove items like obscure collectables, personal items, general clutter, furniture, pool debris, rubbish, and vehicles can easily be removed from images.

If the property is unfurnished, bring it to life by adding virtual furniture to images, a more instantaneous and cost-effective method than traditional staging. With cutting-edge technology, images of real furniture and decor are dropped into the images and then rendered to scale with appropriate shadowing and perspective to ensure they look 100% realistic.

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