Could Autumn-Winter Selling Be the Key?

Selling in season, could Autumn-Winter be the key?

As we move into the colder months, there has always been a stigma around this time of year, not being the best time to sell a property. With all the hype surrounding ‘spring selling season’, we’ve investigated each season and found some surprising results.


When people think about selling a property, springtime generally comes to mind as the season for Real Estate, flowers are blooming, the weather is perfect, and homes and gardens really do look great.

Though, research has found that this isn’t really the case as; often, the supply of property on the market increases in spring – most believe the myth; yet demand does not. Buyers have more to choose from and hence reduce their offers in terms of price and conditions. Making it a ‘buyers market’.


Take for example South-East Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast areas. With their famous beaches, these areas are popular with holiday-makers (locally, interstate and internationally) over the Summer/Christmas holidays. This is the busiest time of year for Real Estate agents in these areas.

So if you’re selling in Queensland, near the water with great coastal breezes or have an outdoor entertaining area and/or swimming pool that’s the main selling point of your property – list it when it looks most inviting to potential buyers.


Research from CoreLogic has found that over the last 30 years – twenty-seven percent of all sales have transacted in March, April and May. With March being the most popular month.

New-years resolution? Maybe… People have had time over the December/January holidays to re-evaluate their goals for the year ahead and moving to another area, purchasing a ‘first home’ or acquiring an investment property might be one of those goals.

Though keep in mind the amount of public and school holidays during this time of year; with potential purchasers possibly being away, try and schedule your listing wisely.


Winter has always had the stigma of not being a good time to sell your house; it’s cold and dark, and fewer buyers out and about. Though, depending on your area and type of property – don’t instantly discredit the colder months.

There is obviously less competition for sale in winter, though certain types of properties can ‘come to life’ in the cooler months. Think comfy, cosy winter cottage, or being located close to ski-fields/resorts – winter is the busy season for these agents.

So when it comes down to it, when to list depends on your area and unique selling point of your property. Your local real estate agent is an expert in their local market and will be able to provide you with the best advice and strategy to suit.

  • Bob Wright

    Autumn and winter periods are a very good time to buy as there are still plenty of genuine owners who are conditioned to the correct pricing and have definate selling reasons.Buyers who usually view properties at this time of year can gauge what defects and lighting the properties offer and they have fewer public competition.

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