How Drones Aid in Capturing Buyers’ Attention

Did you know, you only have TWO seconds to grab a buyer’s attention? *

When viewing an online listing – buyers spend 60% of their time viewing the photos of a property. And, from there – only 42% of them will go on to read the agents description or “copy”.

Cliche descriptions like “stunning views” and “walking distance to the beach” are no longer sufficient in today’s competitive market where agents are using drones to take their marketing to new heights. *

Now that more real estate agents have easy access to aerial photos and videos through the use of drones, buyers and sellers expectations have changed in regard to how they interact with real estate listings. * And, according to MLS Statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68% faster than homes with only standard images. *

So, what should you look for in a drone supplier?

  • Additional services – when listing a property you will also need photographs of the home, and maybe a floor plan. Does your drone supplier also offer these services? (Or vice versa with your photographer)
  • Skill & Technique – are you able to obtain a portfolio or examples of the drone work they have done previously?
  • Licensed – ensure the drone operator is properly licensed by the appropriate authorities.
  • Insurance – even though CASA recently deregulated commercial use of drones (under 2kg), be sure to check that your operators’ Public Liability Insurance covers the use of drones.
  • Always inform your neighbours you’ll be filming or photographing and work through any issues they may have prior to commencing. *

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