How To Overcome A Sales Drought In Your New Franchise

Sales results often turn out different from what we expected, and it’s not always better! In my experience this can definitely happen in ‘business-to-business’ franchises, where sales depend to a large extent on the owner’s activity and effectiveness.

For a new franchise owner slow sales can be disconcerting. But there are positive steps you can take rather than wallow in despair!

Here Are 5 Things You Can Do If Initial Sales Are Not Going As Well As You Hoped

  1. Ask the franchisor for help. Franchisors are usually very willing to help you get over the bumps. They may provide extra support from staff to help you improve your understanding and application of proven sales approaches, or provide a boost to local marketing initiatives.
  2. Ask other franchisees for advice. A fellow franchisee who is strong in sales might be able to give you tips and encouragement. Perhaps they can accompany you on sales calls and give you direct feedback.
  3. Talk to people. Whether it’s phone calls, appointments, or popping in to leave a brochure for a local business, or networking (most likely all of them), you can only make sales if you are talking to people. So you MUST be out there in your market, learning about potential customers and letting them know about you.
  4. Hone your sales skills. If you don’t have much formal sales training or experience, it is a good idea to invest some time in learning a little about selling. Find some relevant books, courses or a skilled sales coach.
  5. Try different things. It’s good to follow a number of different approaches: phone, mail, email marketing, blogging, social media, networking events. This helps make work interesting, gets you out meeting people so you’re not stewing in the office, and helps you see what works for you.

It can be hard work to build a business that depends on personal sales, but it’s one of the most rewarding types of business as you are really driving it. So if things aren’t going as you hoped, don’t despair, take a breath, and try some of these suggestions!

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By Kate Groom, Smart Franchise

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