Listing Overkill – How Many Images Is Too Many and What’s the Magic Number?

Real estate agents often ask, “How many images do I need, what is the right number of images for a property listing?”. Most listing portals allow for a high number of image uploads per property * Maximum number of images and floorplans in listings, , though is 35 images really necessary?

Attempting to provide that many photos may result in bored prospects that leave the listing, and move on to other properties. You need to ensure that the unique selling points of the home are being showcased, this should form the basis of the necessary images, and you may want even to create a short-list of the essential shots, and build from there. From our experience, we find that the average home has 10-12 photos, with some larger homes having up to 16. Here are some of the essentials:

Subsequent shots:

The most important image to have – the hero shot. This is the one that grabs attention immediately and will generally be the main property image online, and features in all marketing material. Majority of the time this is the homes front facade shot at dusk, though it could be water views from a magnificent outdoor entertaining area.

Don’t forget to include other visuals like slideshows, videos and the all-important floor plan to help market the property.

At Top Snap, we work together with vendors and agents to create a campaign to best suit the individual property. Views, landscaping, lifestyle, and location images can all be added to the actual property images. Often these types of images are more important than photographing each and every bathroom and bedroom.

Every home, campaign, agent and vendor have different requirements. Our photographers work together with you in a profiling session to know what YOUR requirements are. Call us to book your profiling session today.

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