How to Market a Commercial Property

Engaging a professional photographer for marketing material is just as important for commercial real estate as it is in the residential market. Unfortunately, it’s a common sight to see images taken by a smartphone when scrolling through online listings.

Yes, technology has come a long way and smartphones can produce excellent images. But when it comes to selling such a valuable asset, having a polished marketing campaign is crucial.

So, what do commercial buyers and tenants look for in a property? And what tools can you use to make your property stand out? Below are some tips to follow when marketing a commercial property:

  • Tidy the space with digital decluttering
  • Include aerial photos showing surrounding suburbs
  • Showcase your nearby settings (cafés, parks, public transport)
  • Capture features of the building (bathrooms, kitchens, parking)
  • Incorporate a detailed floor plan
  • Inspect the building with a virtual tour

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