How to Present Tenanted Properties at Their Best with Digital Decluttering

It’s well known that professional real estate photos can help sell or lease properties faster and for a higher price. But the process is not always straight forward for tenanted homes.

Cleaning out and decluttering a home can be an overwhelming task for anyone, let alone with the added pressure of upcoming inspections and the stress of not knowing how soon they may need to vacate. There are also new regulations across most states of Australia that do not allow agents to use photos showing any tenants belongings without prior written consent.

Top Snap’s digital decluttering service involves specialist photo editing to digitally remove unwanted items that may include; collectables, personal items, family photographs, general clutter, furniture, pool debris, rubbish, and vehicles – to otherwise ‘digitally’ clean up a home.

With next day image delivery, our digital decluttering is the perfect timesaving solution for listing campaigns where it is not possible to have the property in top shape before going live.

Let Top Snap do the tidy up so you can display listings at their best.

Check out some decluttering below:

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