Is Your Real Estate Photographer Truly Professional?

Good property photography also represents good branding, although different photographers take different approaches and with different approaches come different results.

So how can you tell which techniques result in the best possible images?

HDR stands for “high dynamic range”, it is a technique that involves photographing multiple images of the same scene in different light levels. These exposures include high exposure, low exposure and mid-range exposure which are then blended together to create a single image.

Photos are edited by using an automated software that corrects basic features such as colour balance and blends exposures. This process saves time but often there are details missed and it provides a standard output with almost no customisation, meaning it doesn’t meet professional real estate standards.

There is no one solution to all types of lighting situations. Every setting is different and will require the photographer to be creative and knowledgeable in lighting to adjust to the situation.

When they lack knowledge it can result in hot spots, harsh shadows and flat or washed out colours. If these concerns are noticeable or your photographer is only using the built-in flash, it may be time to upgrade your visual marketing.

Top Snap Photography
At Top Snap, we’ve developed a unique process that combines both techniques of HDR and flash to create stunning images. Our production teams carefully attend to every image we deliver and maintain high-quality control standards to further enhance visual appeal.

And best of all, they are delivered within the next business day, book your local Top Snap provider for your next listing.

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