What Is All the Fuss About Real Estate Photography All About?

In this digital age, the number of images we see across numerous platforms is rapidly increasing. With smartphones being most people’s go-to camera there is a lot of content to compete with. When it comes to property marketing, great looking photographs is the first competitive edge that could make a potential buyer click on a profile in a couple of seconds scrolling past.

Good property photography also represents good branding. It is a simple concept. If an agency promotes only high-quality images, then this reflects well on their own marketing and presentation. Vendors want to know their properties are in the right hands.

So, What Is Professional Real Estate Photography All About?

Lighting and Composition

When it comes to property photography, composition and angles of a room or property are not standard. Every house is different, and it takes experience to understand lighting conditions and pick the best way to frame a particular shot. Light, height, room lines, furniture, size, key features and client preference are all factors to consider.


As well as their knowledge and skill, professional photographers carry equipment that gives them a competitive advantage over amateurs. From high-quality camera gear and sturdy tripods to powerful studio lighting to tackle difficult lighting conditions, a room will never look as bright and welcoming as it will after being photographed by a professional.


Real estate agencies can set themselves apart by creating their own branding profile with the right photography team. By creating a branding guideline for the property images, an agency can create a unique look that will set them apart from the competition. For example, opting for dusk shoots with a deep and colourful sky can give a consistent style for listing websites and printed material. Watermarks with company branding can also be included in images to continue to drive brand awareness.


This is a key advantage of an established photography agency. High-quality editing and retouching that can meet specific needs in a short time. There are a number of retouching services that are available after a professional shoot is completed. These include but are not limited to; decluttering a busy room, inserting beautiful blue skies to photographs taken on a cloudy day, removing large items from the front of a property like parked cars, cleaning swimming pools and greening grass. The availability of these services is completely dependent upon the quality of the images and files produced. These would not be able to be offered to pictures taken from mobile phones.

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