Professional Real Estate Photography – Is It Really Worth It?

When you only have 2 seconds to grab a buyers’ attention * You Only Have Two Seconds To Grab A Buyer’s Attention, Top Snap, 2017 , you want to create as much visual impact as possible, and with the average real estate photography package costing less than .001% of an average homes’ sale price * The average price of a house in Australia has risen to $656,800, Business Insider, 2017 you’d think it would be a no-brainer to hire a professional.

Yes, technology has come a long way and smartphones are amazing. But when it comes to selling such a valuable asset, having a polished marketing campaign is absolutely crucial.

Some agents still believe their smartphone pics are sufficient for a listing campaign, so we’ve conducted the below comparison to show the difference between smartphone and professional photos taken with wide-angle lenses and studio flashes. Photos were taken from the same spot and at the same distance.

formal lounge phone scaled elounge
dining phone scaleddining
master phone scaledbedroom

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