Property Marketing in the Digital Era

Almost gone are the days where a buyer would get the weekend newspaper, write down a list of all the properties open for inspection in their desired area, inspect them and cross any off the list that they weren’t interested in.

People now have the resources available to them to undergo this “elimination” process without even leaving the couch. They can research properties online, save them to a “favourites” list, go back through that list and delete any that they don’t like… Then decide what to actually physically inspect from there (that’s if they even decide to inspect before purchasing). There is a growing trend of people purchasing property without inspecting – research has found that with approximately 2 out of every 10 sales, the buyer will not have viewed the home. * Lambert, O. (2016, February 20) Property investors are now buying houses without inspecting them first,

So what does this mean for property marketing?

Having a comprehensive and multi-faceted marketing campaign is crucial in attracting the most amount of buyers in the shortest possible time period. To make sure a property is “seen” you need to provide as much information as possible – prospective purchasers want EVERYTHING at their fingertips.

Great photography is a must

When viewing a listing, buyers spend 60% of their time looking at the photos, 20% of their time reading the features (i.e., number of bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces, land size, etc.) and 20% of their time reading the agents copy/description. *

Strongly consider a floor plan

Latest research shows that listings with floor plans generate 30% more interest than those without. Together with the photos, a floor plan allows buyers to visualise a home’s layout, allowing them to decide whether it is to their liking. This aids in filtering unnecessary showings and ensures that the buyers who do attend the open home are really interested. *

Go that little bit further research found that listings with video gained 400% more enquiries and web page views than those without, as it enables the buyer to envision what it would be like to actually live at the property.

Target the new generation of property seekers

Virtual reality has the unique ability to give us back time, which is the most precious commodity we have… Real estate VR will create time for everyone, whether that’s property seekers, agents or property managers. *

Even if not used to make a final purchase decision, it allows buyers to narrow down to a handful of properties they would like to physically inspect.

As an agent you understand the demographics of buyers in your area better than anyone else, so specially crafting a marketing campaign will differ from area to area- whether your buyers are international or interstate investors, young professionals, young families, or even retirees or baby boomers. Having the right campaign for the right buyer is crucial.

Top Snap understands that no two properties or buyers are the same, specialising in visual marketing solutions, specifically for all aspects of the property industry, you can trust in your local provider to deliver a tailored package to suit your needs.

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