Why You Should Be Using 3D Interactive Floorplans To Market A Property

What would have been previously thought of as too complicated or an unnecessary tool is now gaining momentum as a unique selling point to differentiate both properties and agencies in a highly saturated market.

Reading a 2D Floor Plan doesn’t always come naturally for everyone and they require some imagination when thinking about arranging furniture. This potential to alienate some prospective buyers has increased the number of agents incorporating 3D Interactive Floor Plans into their listings.

A 3D Interactive Floor Plan is far more visual than a 2D Floor Plan and is therefore much easier to understand and learn. The virtual model removes architectural symbols for walls, windows and doors, and clearly shows internal features like wardrobes and cupboards. With the interactive controls, kinesthetic learners are able to interact with the floor plan by zooming into a room or rotating the model to view from a different angle.

With new features coming soon that will enable buyers to populate 3D Interactive Floor Plan with furniture, this technology will allow for far greater planning and confidence when purchasing a home.

Where Do You Use 3D Interactive Floorplans?

This highly sophisticated piece of software is now incredibly easy to share with and display to buyers. Both RealEstate.com.au and Domain.com.au are providing the ability to integrate these floor plans into listings, helping to keep prospective buyers viewing a property for longer. Integration into agency websites is also supported with 3D Interactive Floor Plans.

The most important feature for these floor plans is that they are mobile and tablet friendly. A 3D Interactive Floor Plan can be easily shared via SMS or email. Agents can showcase a 3D Interactive Floor Plan at the open for inspection using an iPad or laptop, so that prospective buyers can see the floor plan and know they have something to take away that visually conveys the property’s key selling features simply.

How Do You Use 3D Interactive Floorplans?

A 3D Interactive Floor Plan is simply created from a standard 2D Floor Plan making it simple to integrate into the marketing plan. It also makes it available to produce for properties that have already had photos and a floor plan created but still need something extra to get buyers through the door.

Who Is Using 3D Interactive Floorplans?

The statistics provide great evidence for the interest in this technology. With three case study properties, each received well over 100 views in a single week, one of which received 231 views in 7 days.

3D Interactive Floor Plans are a very engaging marketing tool that will get prospective buyers spending more time looking at your property, helping them to visualise the space and potential of a home much better and turn hopes and desires into dreams of owning a property.

#REignite TIPS

  • Having a Site Plan made to accompany the 2D Floor Plan needed to generate a 3D Interactive Floor Plan will provide a better experience with this tool.
  • With new features coming, buyers will be able to play around with these plans by adding furniture into the house.
  • These are a great way of showing the potential space for a commercial or office development.
  • Download the Snaploader app to get the full experience.

Co-written with Vernon Williams – Sales Director, Snaploader

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