Add Property Images To Your Floorplans

Interactive Floor Plans provide an effective way to combine your photographs and floor plans. Symbols on the plan indicate the angle a photo was taken from, allowing buyers to easily navigate through a home by clicking on each photo, giving them a great feel for its flow and layout.

Why Choose An Interactive Floorplan?

A More Personal Perspective

Interactive Floor Plans give buyers and renters a realistic tour of a house which instils confidence in them and helps with their decision making process. They provide accurate angles and provide a better understanding of how rooms link up, in particular living spaces.

Highlight Important Features

One feature that cannot be fully highlighted by a Standard Floor Plan is windows. With an Interactive Floor Plan you can show window locations and size, and they help to give a great feel for the natural light that a home receives.

Balcony views can be accentuated through these floor plans and proximity to the beach or natural surroundings can be boasted.

Website And Online Listing Site Integration

Interactive Floor Plans can be easily integrated into agency websites with minimalistic tech support and on online listing websites by entering the web link in the virtual tour section or any other section that allows a web link to be embedded.

Who Is Using It?

Agents wanting to make the most of a photography and floor plan package jump at the idea of an Interactive Floor Plan. They provide a great advantage for sales, as consumers are all online and can get a better understanding for potential furnishings with an Interactive Plan. They can clearly highlight if the facilities and layout will provide enough space for their family and cater for their needs.

Interactive floor plans can be used to promote to buyers who might not be able to make an open house like interstate and international buyers. They are ideal for properties in holiday destination markets to boast great views and sell the lifestyle that could come with a house.

How Is An Interactive Floorplan Delivered?

These plans are delivered in the form of a web link as opposed to a PDF. This allows them to be browser friendly and gives greater interaction than a PDF or JPEG alone.

#REignite TIPS

  • Use professionally retouched photos to really show the best of a house in an Interactive Floor Plan.
  • Include photos of windows and balcony views to incorporate into the plan.
  • Incorporate these plans into online listings to keep buyers on a property profile for longer.
  • A Site Plan could be combined with photos to display a beautiful garden.

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