Real Estate Video Ideas for 2021

In such a competitive industry, you know the importance of maintaining a strong, reputable and attractive presence for your target audience. With real estate videos, they can take your campaign to a whole other level. Not only can they generate more eyes on your listings but also through social media, building that trust, showcasing your expertise and getting your name out there.

Looking to enhance your real estate business with video? Here are 5 real estate video ideas with examples that agencies have used to market themselves or their properties.

1. Property Profile Video
Video is not the future, it is here and now. A property profile video can convey tones of information in a much shorter time span, shows off all the amenities and features of a house and can help you attract more vendors.

2. Auction Profile Video
Show the world how it’s done on a Saturday afternoon when your best agents put their best foot forward to get the sale across the line with their expert auction skills and experience.

3. Agent Profile Video
With an agent profile video, people get to ‘See who you really are’. Explain what you do, how you do it and why people should engage your services. Entice people to meet you, suggest you, promote you – because they feel like they really know you.

4. Company Profiles
Want a corporate introduction that speaks a thousand words in a slick visual format? Look no further! With a company profile video of your agency you can now showcase your brand, team members and set yourself apart from your competitors.

5. Client Testimonial Video
While your “Agent Profile” video gives you an opportunity to showcase that you are great, a testimonial video is a more organic way to show potential clients that you have got a positive track record.

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