Turn Your Property Images Into Real Estate Videos

Real Estate Marketing has evolved and photography is now just the first of many elements in the process. Great photographs are crucial to attracting prospective buyers and creating the initial interest but as competition heats up and audiences broaden it is becoming harder to stand out unless you have a well rounded marketing strategy that includes other mediums.

Real Estate Video marketing is the next step to showing off a beautiful home through visual imagery. To the target market it is a descriptive yet effortless way to absorb information.

So, how can you create great real estate videos without having to pay a lot of money?

The answer is simple, Instavids!

Instavids automatically (yes automatically! well you at least have to click the ‘create video’ button) creates a video out of your property images, making it easier and more affordable to produce real estate video.

Instavids also comes with some other great features that gives the video a professional feel. This includes:

  • An Agent Introduction & Closer that provides an opportunity to promote your brand and agency
  • Generic lifestyle footage which can help to emphasise a property’s dynamic location
  • Agent contact information which will help drive enquiries
  • Loaded to your  YouTube channel directly – Instavids are a simple way to instantly grow your YouTube audience.
  • Play button on major portals – This attracts 4 times more views than properties without a play button
  • Load your videos on Facebook – videos posted on Facebook increase viewer engagement by 33%

Instavids provides a prospective home buyer the opportunity to indulge in lots of content in a short amount of time.  They can also attract buyers from distant locations and those that cannot attend an open house. By appealing to a number of different senses, videos are more memorable than other formats.

With the ability to push videos made with Instavids on Facebook, YouTube and other channels, they can be used to drive a company’s social media strategies and content, increase engagement with followers and of course drive interest in properties.

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