How to Maximise Your Home Sale Price with Professional Photography

Anyone who has sold or even purchased a property will understand the various and sometimes high costs involved to get a property sold. Conveyancing and solicitors fees, marketing costs, agents’ fees and commissions, auctioneer fees and any other added and unexpected costs that can arise, such as maintenance around the house, home staging, etc. – it can add up pretty quickly.

So how can you maximise the sale price of your home?

According to a research conducted by a real estate brokerage firm Redfin in 2013, homes with professional photography sold for over 5% more than their listing price. And it shows – if you have ever scrolled through online listings – think about the listings that grabbed your attention and had you clicking through to find out more.

You always want to make sure the job is done right the first time, so what do you need to look for when choosing a photographer?

  • Firstly, look at your agents’ current listings – most real estate agents will have a photographer that they work closely and regularly with, do you like what you see?
  • You can always ask to see their portfolio, website and social media profile, and see if they have any testimonials or photography awards.
  • Are they a trained architectural or property photographer? There is a difference when it comes to types of photography – and there are a lot of hobby photographers out there, claiming they can do all types of photography.
  • Confirm that they provide photo editing services and what will be the turnaround time for it? You don’t want to be left waiting or be held up getting your property listed online.
  • Do they provide advice or guidance on how best to present your home, and be prepared for the photoshoot? You don’t want to be left feeling uninformed as to what is happening and what you need to do.
  • What packages and other marketing services can they provide and recommend for your specific property? Can they offer things like a drone or elevated photography, or measure up for a floor plan while they are there?

Top Snap specialises in visual marketing solutions, specifically for all aspects of the property industry, you can trust in your local provider to deliver a tailored package to suit your needs. Get in touch today.

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