Selling off the Plan Property with 3D Artist Impressions

Engaging buyers and having them ‘fall-in-love’ with a non-existent property is not an easy task. That’s why 3D Artist Impressions of your new build are a fantastic sales tool to increase viewings and the number of potential buyers, allowing them to visualise the finished product at an early stage resulting in off the plan property sales.

Take your new projects to the next level, and engage more customers with Top Snap’s lifelike 3D models.


  • Model and render your project into full-colour 3D images for both interior and exterior
  • Landscaping of the property and surrounding area with realistic backgrounds
  • Include photography of the land/surroundings for the best perspective and view of the project
  • Show exact colours, finishes and materials to bring your vision to life
  • At an additional cost, we can also supply floor plans to compliment the design features

Top Snap provides watermarked and high-resolution images of the renders, perfect for your online marketing and print advertising. To find out more about turning architectural and building plans into more user-friendly, lifelike 3D pictures, contact your local Top Snap partner today.

Here are some examples of 3D Artist Impressions:

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