Stand Out From the Crowd

Being ahead of the technology game is where every agent wants to be, so how can you stand out from the crowd? Three words – Property Virtual Tours.

Will open home inspections become a thing of the past? A ‘back in my day’ conversation, with our future grandkids? It’s predicted that “By 2020, most Australian homes will have virtual reality (VR) headsets, and we’re confident the leading real estate agents will embrace virtual reality to create a brand new experience for a whole new generation of property seekers.” *

Rather than spending a Saturday morning driving all over town, future home buyers could visit a real estate office, put on a VR headset and tour all their listings while sipping on a cup of coffee. Or, if they own a VR headset – do it from the comfort of their home – any time that suits them. If not used to make a final purchase decision, at least allowed them to narrow down to a couple of properties they would like to physically inspect.

“Virtual reality has the unique ability to give us back time, which is the most precious commodity we have … Real estate VR will create time for everyone, whether that’s property seekers, agents or property managers.” *

So How Do We Do It?

Your local Top Snap provider is equipped with special equipment that allows them to scan every inch of a property, showcasing every architectural and design highlight. The virtual tour can then be easily uploaded on leading real estate listing portals or your agency website.

To book your Virtual Tour scan, contact your local Top Snap provider.

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