Stay Ahead of The Game During COVID-19

The continued impact of COVID-19 pandemic has been sweeping businesses across the country including the real estate industry. As certain traditional real estate strategies have been restricted or prohibited, realtors have had to make some significant adjustments to the way they do business. However, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Include video & virtual tours
If you haven’t already jumped onto the virtual inspection trend then now is the time. By including virtual tours and videos to your listings you allow potential buyers to experience the property as if they were physically there.

Your local Top Snap provider can assist you in creating professional virtual tours and videos and are available to travel to a property with the correct health guidelines and practices in place.

Stay consistent
Consistency is the one thing that separates great agents from the rest. In this quiet time, there are many ways to stay consistent other than by having many listings. Customers don’t want to work with an agent that is here today and gone tomorrow, so how do you keep your profile alive?

To stay relevant and interesting, you can:

  • Send email campaigns and newsletters
  • Create great property listings with descriptive ad copy’s and professional photography
  • Boost your credibility with testimonials
  • Blog your experiences

The power of social media
Social media marketing has fundamentally changed the way companies advertise. As real estate has always been a business that revolves around relationships, it is just as important now more than ever to keep communicating with your audience.

Keep your followers updated with the latest community updates that they would actually care about such as any new or upcoming buildings being built, shops with new shipments of necessity items or available local drive-thru locations.

What have you done to try and stand out from the crowd? Tell us your COVID-19 story in the comments below.

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