Strategic Marketing Shift for 2018

Revealing the True Value of Real Estate

The opening of Top Snap’s annual conference set the theme for 2018: Growth, Strategy and Collaboration.

With financial year 2016/17 being the best year for Top Snap since inception; did not discourage the Top Snap network to pledge at taking their business’ to all new heights for 2017/18.

From the feedback of our annual client survey and close collaboration with franchisees; a fresh marketing strategy was released for 2018 – allowing for better transparency, support and business growth across the network.


Recognition for a Fantastic Year!

And… Conference is never complete without fun, socializing and an awards dinner

Franchisee of the Year – David Setter with CEO & COO Ralf & Karin Barschow.


Awards of Excellence


Would you love to join our awesome team? Contact us to find out more about the Top Snap franchising opportunity!

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