The Ultimate Guide To Floor Plans

Floor plans allow potential buyers to see how a house works and whether or not they would take the time to view it in person. Layout, flow and sizes are all factors shown by a floor plan that buyers take into consideration.

With many types of floor plans with interactive qualities that can be incorporated into agency websites and listing sites, it further enhances the buyers’ experience and allows them to really see the potential of a home.

Which Floor Plan Would Best Suit Your Marketing?

B&W Floor Plans And Site Plans
This is the bread and butter of floor plans. They provide the dimensions of a property and its rooms, can be included in listing websites with ease, can be downloaded easily as a PDF, JPEG or GIF and provide the opportunity to create more elaborate floor plans. Black and White Floor Plans are best used for rental properties and sales targeted at builders, or sales with low budgets.

Site Plans include a home’s floor plan in relation to the layout of its garden or grounds, including prominent external features and outbuildings.

Colour Floor Plans
Colour Floor Plans capture and maintain a buyers attention much better than a Black and White Floor Plan, which could be dismissed as a tool for a renovator or builder.

Textured Floor Plans
Textured Floor Plans provide the next step of adding floor textures, outdoor decking and furniture in a 2D perspective to give buyers a more appealing visual of a home.

Colour and Textured Floor Plans are best used for properties with a good marketing budget looking to target local buyers who will be viewing the home in person.

3D Floor Plans
At Top Snap, we can convert 2D floor plans into more user-friendly 3D models, enhancing the purchasing experience for potential buyers.

3D plans allow buyers to better grasp a property’s layout and flow, with furniture included to help buyers visualise living at the property and whether it will suit their needs and lifestyle. Site plans can also be included to showcase the land size and landscaping features.

3D Artist Impressions
3D Artist Impressions generated from detailed plans are also perfect for bringing yet-to-be-built residential or commercial properties to life.

These are primarily used to target builders and developers to show the potential for a space of land, and to promote new building projects to the community.

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