10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Floor Plans

As a marketing tool, a good floor plan doesn’t lie. A floor plan is based on physical facts.

Here are 10 reasons why a floor plan is really important and should be used in all your property marketing campaigns, whether it be for selling, buying or for rental properties.

  1. 93% of buyers say they are more likely to spend time looking at a property with a floor plan
  2. 81% of sellers think a floor plan will help sell their home faster
  3. Including a floor plan in the marketing campaign has been proven to reduce time on the market by up to 50%
  4. Floor plans are opened 7.5 times more often than maps on realestate.com.au.
  5. Buyers can see how a house works and whether or not they would like to view it at limited open for inspection times. Room flow, layout and sizes are all factors that buyers take into consideration, particularly if they are looking for a family home. Buyers don’t want to waste their time looking at properties that won’t match their needs.
  6. A floor plan can help buyers visualise how they may position their existing furniture or help buyers measure up new furniture they want to purchase for the property.
  7. Often buyers miss things or forget what they have seen after inspecting a property. Storage rooms, cupboards, cloakrooms an attic or basement can disappear out of mind. A floor plan can increase the perceived space, and therefore value, of your home.
  8. Floor plans are useful when considering alterations or layout changes like removing a wall or installing an additional bathroom. This begins to make buyers feel as though they already have ownership, which will lead to a higher sale.
  9. If a buyer is visiting several properties in a day, they may forget which property is which and confuse details of different properties.
  10. If a buyer has floor plans for several properties, it can make for easy comparison between them.

Author – Vernon Williams, Sales Director, Snaploader

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