Top Snap And Franchise Buyer New Alliance Give Franchisors A Unique, Comprehensive Marketing Package

Top Snap and Franchise Buyer signed a strategic alliance to offer the Australian franchise sector a comprehensive marketing package for presenting brands and business opportunities, that now includes professional photography as a standard inclusion.

As part of this alliance, Franchise Buyer will now be able to offer its clients a unique marketing package that includes:

  • Professional photography ‘packs’ as standard
  • On location shoots that were previously considered ‘out of reach’ cost wise
  • A seamless approach to coordination and managing the production of images via the Top Snap custom tools
  • ‘Office based’ portrait and other professional imagery on an ‘as needs’ basis

This new offering is an integral part of Franchise Buyer’s support package for franchisors who expect more value added to their franchise marketing. The franchise group Top Snap is a natural fit, having been in the professional photography business for more than 10 years. Top Snap understands the importance of visual content impact and has a network of professional media service providers across most major metropolitan areas.

Ralf Barschow, Owner and CEO Top Snap says, “We are excited about our new partnership with Franchise Buyer as we are naturally passionate about franchising, especially on a Franchise-to-Franchise (F2F) basis. In today’s cluttered media world where potential customers are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, professional visual content is critical to stand out from the crowd.

Glenn Walford, Franchise Buyer Founder says, “Since day one my vision has always been to play an integral role in presenting businesses to the market in a way that does justice to the investment owners make.

It’s always baffled me, and really defies logic, why the business and franchise sales market has not lifted its game and properly invested in professional photography to present such enormous assets for sale. If we all expect professional photography when we buy and sell a house, why on earth don’t we have the same expectations for a business?

This alliance with Top Snap has come at the perfect time for us to continue to build on and implement our broader national vision: To most effectively and comprehensively connect buyers to sellers, and vice versa, and all that this entails at every touch point.

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