Top Snap Celebrates 10 Years in Franchising

years anniversary

This month, Top Snap proudly announced to have achieved more than a decade of innovation and steady growth to become a leading Real Estate service provider.

From humble beginnings as a standalone property photography company in 2004, Top Snap has developed into a one-stop service provider, offering a full range of visual marketing services for the real estate and property industry.

Ralf & Karin Barschow became the owners and franchisors of Top Snap in 2014. Under their guidance and leadership, Top Snap has seen a steady growth of 30% year-on-year emerging into a leading visual marketing franchise brand across Australia and New Zealand.

We sat down with Ralf Barschow, CEO and Owner of Top Snap to better understand how Top Snap has evolved so successfully over time. Ralf says,


“The real estate industry is highly fragmented and competitive. Just to be a good photographer is not enough. Having technical skills in every aspect of visual creative technology is the foundation. But a critical success factor for every Top Snap franchise owner is to stay focused and provide exceptional service to their customers with a clear vision for their business and the tactical competence to achieve it.”

With technology changing every day, how does Top Snap stay relevant in the industry?

“Technology is a key element in our industry and Top Snap has always been at the forefront to embrace emerging trends. We continue to adapt and provide every service that has a visual impact to professional marketing campaigns for the property industry. With the educational platform Top Snap Campus, we are offering our franchise network members the professional tools to make it happen.”

Where do you see the marketing of real estate in 10 years’ time?

“To visually stand out from the crowd has never been more important than today. Every marketing campaign for properties requires professional visual content. Even more so in today’s market with potential buyers no longer looking at print media as their main source of information. Professional photography, interactive floor plans, walk through tours, 3D or video are the means to present a property now and in the future, to attract more potential buyers and present the real value proposition for every property.”

To commemorate 10 years in franchising – Top Snap’s goal is to ensure that their services are available to the entire property industry in Australia, by offering 10 new and exclusive regional franchise opportunities across the country.

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