Traditional Staging vs Virtual Staging: What’s the Difference?

As property staging is now viewed as a necessity, both realtors and homeowners might find themselves with the question of which staging technique to use.

So, what are the differences? Here are the differences and what to consider before deciding what staging technique is right for you.

Traditional Staging
Traditional home staging involves the services of a professional who attends the home, assists in identifying the target audience and hires out furniture and decor that highlights the best features of the home.

However, this can be rather expensive in comparison to the virtual techniques available as you generally pay an upfront hire fee, plus any extra’s (i.e., decor) and then ongoing monthly fees if the goods are required longer than the initial campaign period.

Virtual Staging
Virtual staging, on the other hand, is almost instantaneous and highly cost-effective. The house is professionally photographed, furniture and decor are dropped into the images then rendered to scale. Not only can virtual staging bring vacant properties to life but it can also benefit furnished properties in need of touch-ups or completely removing old furniture and inserting virtual options.

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