Top 5 Trends In Real Estate Marketing You Should Know About

Every year Top Snap surveys Real Estate professionals across Australia and New Zealand. Here are some findings from the 2015-2016 Top Snap Real Estate Marketing Survey.

Trend 1

Photography, signboards, printed collateral and floor plans remain a staple part of property marketing tool kit and are here to stay! Property Photography was ranked the highest at 98% followed by Printed Collateral at 81%, Signboards at 79% and Floor Plans at 75%.

Trend 2

Emergence of New Technologies – as technology becomes readily more available, Drones, Videos & 3D Home Scanning are becoming more affordable and more widely used in property marketing.

We have also seen the integration of these new technologies incorporated seamlessly into property marketing listings. in 2015 incorporated a 3D icon on their property listings to showcase properties with 3D tours.

Our take is that agents are more likely to utilise these tools in their marketing to stand out from competition.

Trend 3

Online listing portals continue to dominate as the preferred channel of marketing apart from the real estate agency’s own company website. and an agencies own website were voted at 92% as the most likely channel to use when marketing a property, followed by at 79%.

Newspaper listings have stagnated over the years although still has more than half of the votes at 51%.

Trend 4

Social media is the buzzword and the growing trend in the real estate marketing industry. As younger agents enter the industry different platforms gain their place but currently Facebook and Linkedin are leading the charge. Linkedin is an important portal for connecting with industry figures and seeking advice as well.

Trend 5

Mobile, mobile, mobile…With 26% of respondents spending 20+ hours a week on their mobile phone, the state of property marketing is continuously evolving to focus on handheld devices. With apps for and Domain, it has become much easier to share properties and reach potential buyers.


We Did Great As Well! Here Are Some Likes For Top Snap

Three of the areas in which respondents were extremely satisfied with Top Snap’s performance were; customer service, photographic skills and quality of products with an overall customer satisfaction of 97%.

Great quality products and customer service have always been important attributes when choosing a property marketing provider. The two growing important attributes from the last 4 years have been; having easy access to images and a fast turn around time. 81% of respondents replied that a fast turn around time was essential when deciding their real estate marketing provider.

Finally a great result from the survey was the fact that 98% of respondents would recommend Top Snap to others.

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