You Only Have Two Seconds to Grab a Buyer’s Attention

86% of potential buyers use online as their main tool to search for property. *

Researches have found that 95% of people looking at online listings view the first photo for a total of 20 seconds… But, you have to grab peoples attention within the first two seconds. *

Further, 76% of people went on to view details of the properties features (i.e. number of bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces, land size, etc.). From there – only 41.5% go on to read the agents “copy” or description of the property (which can also be a turn-off if their too long, or not well written). *

Time wise; when viewing a listing, buyers spend 60% of their time looking at the photos, 20% of their time reading the features, and 20% of their time reading the agents copy/description. *

So, What Does This Mean For Your Listing?

01 / Your Main Photo – Needs to be professional, captivating and the “HERO” shot


02 / Rest Of The Photos Or Video – Make sure you show just enough of the property to keep people interested and wanting to physically inspect. Also add some lifestyle shots, they create the desire and falling in love with a property before its even inspected (see this article for more details).


03 / Make Sure You Have a Floor Plan – Once a buyer has inspected, they will often return to their computer, to look at the online listing again. With the floor plan and photos together, they can jog their memory and better understand how the home flows and if it would suit their needs. *

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