What Makes A Picture Perfect Profile?

As an agent, your headshot should be the foundation of your personal branding; in some instances – this is a clients’ first (or sometimes only) contact with you – and subsequently, where their initial opinion of you develops.

The end of 2016 had Top Snap Photographers in high demand for portrait photography. With some of these photo shoots being conducted for the covers of leading Real Estate industry magazines.

We would like to congratulate our Top Snap Photographers for the following covers over the past few months:


Dress For Success

You are a professional in your field, so of course you want your profile image to express that; and that you are also competent in your field, as well as confident and likeable. Use colours strategically – black can sometimes be too harsh, though colours like Navy blue; grey and charcoal are perceived as “professional”. Wear your “go-to” professional outfit the one you know that makes you look and feel great.


Like in Real Estate “location is everything” – choosing the right background is crucial for your portrait shots. Think about your target market and what they would relate to best – white/plain background is always professional, though don’t be afraid to mix it up and have a few different portraits available for various types of campaigns. “Blurred” streetscapes or nature in the background are also popular choices.


Smile: not just with your mouth – but your eyes as well, not only does it make you look confident, but also competent and trustworthy – studies have shown that people who look happier in photos are viewed as more trustworthy.

Body language and poses: it’s well known that a persons confidence and demeanour is conveyed in how they carry themselves and their natural gestures, stance and posture etc., so try practising various poses in the mirror before your shoot. Remember to stand (or sit) up straight.

Keepin’ It Real … And Up To Date

Think of it like online dating; we’ve all heard those stories about people not looking anything like their profile picture in person, or using an old photo.

Of course you want ‘some’ editing done to make sure your portrait image looks polished and professional – but you still want it to look like you.

The same goes with keeping your portrait image up to date – your clients use this image to recognise you – i.e., meeting with them somewhere other than the office etc. And, it shows your honesty.


Yes – a little bit photography terminology. This is basically how you look in the image. Do you look close or far away? How much of “you” is in the image? Full body, half or just shoulders and up? Don’t be afraid of mixing it up, and get a second opinion to see which one other people prefer. Also, having various types of photos can be helpful with the different marketing you might end up doing.

Use A Professional

It might seem straight forward, but portrait photography can be quite technical. Top Snap photographers are not only property photography experts, but also have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to portrait photography.

Does your portrait need updating? Get in touch with your local Top Snap provider to book in some fresh images for 2017!

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