Why Professionals Use Vimeo

Why use Vimeo? Vimeo has several differences compared to other third-party hosting options, though from a business standpoint it ensures a high-quality environment with every video.

Here at Top Snap, we provide our clients with Vimeo files because Vimeo delivers us the need to host our videos securely, in a professional manner for a smooth and easy process.

Whilst your video is private, Vimeo allows you to download your videos and varying levels of quality to suit the platform you are sharing it too i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, realestate.com.au and more, follow the steps below to see how.

How to Download Your Video from Vimeo:

  1. Find the email notification from Top Snap
  2. Click the link and enter the given password
  3. Click the “Download” button underneath the video
  4. Select the video quality you’d like
  5. Find the video in your Downloads folder
  6. Share to wherever you please!

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